Bars and Brownies

2" x 2" Squares - $1.75 each or $20 per dozen

*Available in our larger triangle size - $3 each

Original Brownie
Cake brownie with ganache frosting and drizzled with white chocolate. Brownie does not contain nuts.
Coconut Bar*
The sweet tropical taste of coconut, these buttery coconut bars are sinfully good.
Chocolate Chunk*
Chunks of our homemade chocolate decadence packed into a rich cookie batter. Perfect for a true chocolate lover.
Derby Bar
Made with pure butter and lots of chocolate chips this bar is a chocolate chip cookie in bar form. Contains walnuts.
German Nut Square
Our take on the popular German dessert bar. A very rich buttery crust holds a sweet mixture of almonds and walnuts that are dipped in dark chocolate.
Huckleberry Bar
North Idaho huckleberries mixed in a cream cheese filling with a sugar cookie crust. Local and delicious!
Lemon Square*
This hugely popular treat has a delicious balance between sweet and sour, so bring balance to your day.
Lime Bar
Perfect when you are craving a sweet but tart treat.
Peanut Butter No Bake*
We've been told it's the best Peanut Butter No Bake bar in town - but you can decide for yourself.
Raspberry jam is sandwiched between buttery cookie topping and a sugar cookie soft, buttery and delicious.
Raspberry Oat*
Oatmeal crust and topping with our yummy raspberry jam in the middle. Perfect breakfast bar!
Super Rich Brownie
Fudge-lie brownie that is rich, dense and delicious. Frosted with our homemade chocolate cream cheese frosting. These brownies contain walnuts.
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Lime Bar

Perfect when you are craving a sweet but tart treat.